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For the last couple of weeks, Doodle doesn’t want to use Crayons that are made in China. Maybe this pro-USA movement has gone too far.

He only wants to use them that are made in the USA.

Where does he get this from? School? Kids on the bus?

I guess his next stance will be on debt relief for third world countries.

It’s Time

Today is the day, Election Day.

Of course, I have a preference. I’m not sharing that here.

The only comment that I wil make here is – “Vote, BITCHES!”

No vote, no bitching.

Won’t be moving…

I guess that I won’t be moving to California after all. Welcome to the sane world, California.

What strikes me in the article, it took two years to pass the law.

And people say that the South is messed up.

Best Wishes

I’m sure that you have all heard by now that former President Bill Clinton is in the hospital.

I hope that it is not serious and that he makes a speedy recovery. Seriously.

I’m sure that the nurses will take “extra special” care of him. Or is it that he will take “extra special” care with them?