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Emily’s Field Trip to Jackson, MS

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House Update

I’m sitting here at a PJ’s Coffee in Biloxi. Its only a 45 minute drive from my house. Its the nearest available Wi-Fi that I could find.

Here’s the update from the homestead:

  • Have electricity
  • No phone service, cell service still spotty
  • No cable TV
  • No cable modem, no internet
  • Have clean water
  • Sewage system is up and running
  • I have seen cable trucks in my neighborhood, so service should be restored shortly.

    I’ll probably come back here in a couple of days to check in.

    House News

    My parents have made it back to Diamondhead. The verdict:

    My house –

  • No water inside.
  • No broken windows – that is a miracle considering how many windows we have.
  • Two trees are laying on the house. They don’t appear to be damaging the roof.
  • Other minor damage
  • Parents’ house –

  • Chimney was blown down
  • Missing shingles on roof
  • Fence blown down
  • No water inside house downstairs
  • Overall, everything seems fine. We’re heading back tomorrow for a couple of days.

    Then, off to New Iberia.

    Update #3

    Please keep in mind when you are watching television coverage of Katrina, my house is located in Hacock County (city of Diamondhead).

    The eye of Katrina passed directly over Hancock County. Now, reporters are finally getting into the county. There are reports of a 24 ft. storm surge.

    Double shit.